At the core of this project lie an XDI-based semantic database, the ability to form a peer-to-peer network with other nodes, and a set of connectors to various protocols such as Webfinger, OStatus, FOAF or OAuth 2.0. Applications on top of these components include the Federated Social Web, Vendor Relationship Management, the Personal Data Ecosystem, the FreedomBox, and others.

Detailed architecture diagram:

Project Danube can be used in the following ways:

  • Service providers can use the code to offer personal data and communication services to individuals. This can include an option for registering for a new account, or accounts may be offered to individuals that already exist in a legacy system.
  • Technically experienced end-users may download and install a Project Danube node for themselves.
  • The components of Project Danube are modular. Some use cases may require only the core XDI semantic database itself. Others may use protocol endpoints such as hCard or OAuth 2.0 on top of the XDI endpoint. Yet others may make use of the web interface.
  • Developers can build on existing components as well as contribute to the project.