FreedomBox at Barcamp Graz

On April 12th 2014, I gave an update talk about FreedomBox at Barcamp Graz, (one hour) or more specifically the “AppDevCamp”:


  • Often when talking about FreedomBox, I have slides explaining why it is important, but nowadays at events like this, this doesn’t really have to be explained anymore.
  • Just gave an intro to the general idea of having a personal server at home, which gives you control over your online identity, personal data, and communication.
  • We did a complete walkthrough of the functions in the 0.2 Plinth interface.
  • We had a fairly technical audience in the BarCamp, asking detailed questions.
  • If we use PageKite, doesn’t that introduce a central service?
  • Better: DynDNS, or FreedomBoxes tunnel each other
  • Many functions in Plinth not yet working :( How can people contribute?
  • Only 8 contributors on Github?
  • “Routing functions” such as Tor, wouldn’t this be better in the browser to avoid fingerprinting? Yes. But it can still be useful if you don’t trust your devices
  • “Personal server” upload bandwidth? Well yes you probably can’t run high volume websites, depends on your Internet connection
  • Is the idea of FreedomBox to not have to use your ISP anymore? Eventually yes that is one of the utopian ideas, but for now ISP is needed.
  • Owncloud shouldn’t ask for configuration settings, this should be preconfigured in the FreedomBox image

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