FreedomBox at Ouishare Labs 2014

I brought a few FreedomBoxes to Ouishare Labs in Paris, from May 1st to May 4th 2015. This is an amazing event that combines hacking with philosophy and political activism, a space where technologists meet with visionaries, in an attempt to put our hacking skills to good use.


  • We set up a FreedomBox that is accessible via PageKite at a public URL at
  • We played with some of the IndieWeb technologies and deployed them on the website running on the box (e.g. IndieAuth).
  • We also embedded Linked Data in that website on the box, in order to express:
    • A simple instance of schema:Person
    • A few “knows” relations to friends
    • A list of offered and requested “Demand”s, as a an experiment for the sharing economy
  • We ran an Etherpad on a FreedomBox and used it for taking notes throughout the event, later copied to:
  • On the last day, we turned one FreedomBox into a “BoomBox”, meaning we ran MPD on it for playing music


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