FreedomBox at Elevate 2014

The Elevate festival in Graz has been providing a platform for critical discourse on topics such as online privacy, anonymity, and policy questions for several years. This festival is also where I first learned about FreedomBox and as a consequence got involved with the project.

This year, I was happy to contribute in the following way:

  • A workshop on the first day, where we had a few CubieTruck boards with FreedomBox software to experiment with, however we ended up mostly discussing the project and drawing diagrams on a flipchart. The most interesting topic was Vendor Relationship Management, i.e. the idea that individuals should have a way to control their connections to businesses.
  • A session about “Fair & Open IT”, where I presented of a FreedomBox with a custom case. The discussion was about the relationship between “openness”  (hardware and software) and “fairness” (in the sense of resources and labor).
  • A session called “Elevate Media and Technology”, where we looked back at previous Elevate festivals and reflect on what visions have come true since then.

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