FreedomBox at EWTI 2014

I gave two session at the European Workshop on Trust and Identity (EWTI), which happened on Dec 3rd and 4th 2014.

One was about XDI (a data model and protocol for decentralized data sharing), and the other about FreedomBox.

This conference, conveniently held in my home town Vienna,  is very different from most other events I go to. It is almost exclusively attended by government and corporate stakeholders, not by the idealistic grassroots hacker community. Of course now that awareness of online identity and personal data issues is on the rise everywhere, the boundaries between different communities are not so clear anymore.

Nothing special to report from my FreedomBox session. Most other sessions at EWTI 2014 were either about OpenID Connect or SAML, so there was also some interest in deploying these protocols on a FreedomBox. In other words, my online identity provider could be a box in my home rather than a large company in the cloud.

There was also a lot of interest in the new Let’s Encrypt initiative. This is obviously a GREAT fit for FreedomBox.

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