Past Project: – established in 1998 and now discontinued – was Austria’s first and coolest free web space and email provider and at the time of its founding offered both innovative services and exceptional quality to around 30,000 users from all over the world.

It was founded and run by a group of friends that included myself.

At, you could get a free e-mail address, newsgroup, mailing list and an incredible 2 MB of free webspace (which was later even increased to 5 MB)!

As you can tell from the following screenshots (especially the first), the ideas behind that project are today more relevant than ever before.

After the service had been growing fast for a while (and we had to change our server OS from Windows95 to Linux), we decided that it was time to sort out the business side. Our decision was to establish as a registered Non Profit Organization.

The person in charge of handling such registrations at the Austrian authorities however was unfortunately not very enthusiastic about the idea. He told us that the Internet was just a temporary fashion that would simply go away within a few months, and that therefore instead of wasting our time with such nonsense, we should join a soccer club, like all the other young men. Which of course we didn’t.

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