Current Project: Eclipse Higgins

HigginsThe open source Higgins Identity Framework is dedicated to giving individuals more control over their personal identity, profile and social network data.

I have worked on the following components:

  • XDI4j general purpose XDI libraryXDI4j
  • SAML2 IdP
  • Personal Data Store
  • iPhone I-Card Selector
  • IdAS Registry
  • UDI Syntax and Resolution
  • RDF Context Provider

Here’s a list of useful XDI applications:

  • XDI Validator
  • XDI Converter
  • XDI Messenger
  • XDI Local Messenger
  • XDI Querier
  • XDI Setter
  • XDI Signer
  • XDI Addresser
  • XDI Grapher

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