Past Project: StarTron

Over 10 years old, “StarTron” is still the coolest video game adaptation of the famous “Tron” concept you will ever come across!

By now all the multi-player servers are offline, but you can still play in single-player mode.

If I think about it, in a weird way the background of that game may still somehow be related to what I’m doing now.

One day when I have some spare time, I’ll make a sequel!

It is the year 2838.

In a deadly civil war between various human factions, the use of a powerful nuclear missile has destroyed large parts of the solar system - including planet Earth itself.

Now all that is left of the human race is a handful of colonies in outer space.

Even after Earth’s destruction, war raged on for some time, but in the face of extinction, humans finally realized the terrible results of their pointless hate and conflict. Regretting their actions, the few remaining colonies ceased all hostilities and united under a common vision - the rebuilding of their civilization and the vow to never again resort to war for solving their conflicts.

It seemed that after realizing what they had lost, permanent peace was finally at hand for humans - who from that point on called themselves Terrans in acknowledgment of their lost homeworld.

But peace lasted only for a moment.

In a stunning and aggressive move, an unknown alien race called Yolons arrived from the deep corners of space without any warning. The Terrans, now weak and defenseless, were unable to mount a fight against the vastly superior Yolons, and their few remaining colonies were swiftly enslaved. Every aspect of the Terrans’ lives became strictly regulated, and their work force was abused by their merciless masters for their sinister plans. Worst of all, the Terrans’ attempt to rebuild their formerly great civilization in newly-found unity was crushed before it had even begun.

The years declined.

The memories faded.

Despair was all around.

But among a small, well-organized group of Terrans, the fire of resistance was still strong.

And then, suddenly, there is a plan, and a hope: YOU.

You must become the champion of what is left of your species.
Using a transportation vessel constructed in secret by the Resistance,
you must escape from your enslaved colony.
You must journey to the point in space that long ago was the birthplace of humanity.
Among the ruins of the devastated solar system,
you must find and recover
the last four prototypes of the legendary “StarTron Explorer” spaceships,
powerful relics of the human civil war that has caused so much death.
You must master their abilities,
you must gather the necessary strength,
then you must return to the oppressed Terran colonies,
engage the enemy,
and free your people.

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