Past Project: UN/WSIS

A few years ago I did an internship with the UN’s Department of Peacekeeping Operations, and a bit later I had a chance to participate in the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, Tunisia.

These experiences have greatly expanded my horizon and shaped my ideas on what technology should be used for.

The most impressive quote I remember was:

“Where most global conferences focus on global threats, this one will consider how to best use a new global asset.”

And the best overall experience was a talk by a delegate from an organization called ISESCO, who compared the Internet to the ancient Spanish city of Córdoba, where for some time significant amounts of Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together in harmony. He argued that this was possible simply because everybody knew enough about everybody else.

I ended up writing:

  • A paper at my university:

“Intercultural Dialogue with ICTs”

  • An article for a magazine on foreign affairs called “Global View”:

“The Power of Knowledge”

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