Dev: Tech Topics

This page contains questions on interesting tech topics around the Personal Data Store.

These questions will be answered and expanded over time. If you are particularly interested in any of the so far unanswered topics, or if you would like to suggest new questions, join our Google Group and let us know!

Deployment / Registration / Login / Discovery

  1. What options are there for deploying PDS instances? What is a PDS Instance Factory?
  2. What XDI databases are available for deploying PDS instances?
  3. How can users “sign up” for a PDS?
  4. How can users “sign in” to their PDS?
  5. How can a PDS XDI endpoint be discovered from a user’s identifier(s)?
  6. Can XDI be used to provision new PDS instances and I-Numbers?
  7. Can XDI be used to retrieve details and edit the XRDs of existing PDS instances and I-Numbers?

Core XDI

  1. How do I store and use single and multiple values on an XDI predicate?
  2. How does metadata for XDI literals work?
  3. What are XDI dictionaries, and is there a “standard” dictionary for personal data?
  4. How can data in an XDI PDS be referenced in a global and location independent way?

Security and Data Portability

  1. How do XDI Link Contracts work in the PDS?
  2. How can the contents of a PDS be encrypted?
  3. How can I backup the contents of my PDS?
  4. How can I migrate my personal data between different PDS providers?


  1. What options are there for sharing personal data with relying parties (companies, organizations, etc)?
  2. How can client (non-web) applications access and use a PDS?

XDI Patterns

  1. XDI Pattern for OStatus
  2. XDI Pattern for Personas