FreedomBox - Danube Edition

Based on FreedomBox.

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PageKiteYour FreedomBox stays at home, but PageKite gives it a public domain name and an IP address that can be reached globally. This is the antithesis to the omnipresent “cloud computing” paradigm, and it proves that personal servers are the future. OpenID ConnectOpenID Connect allows you to log in to a website using only your domain name and a single password – which is stored on your FreedomBox. This is an alternative to “Log in with Facebook”, where one company can track all your accounts.
Mozilla PersonaMozilla Persona is similar to OpenID Connect, it also allows you to log in to websites without a centralized company that controls the process. To log in, an identifier that looks like an e-mail address is used. Tor BridgeTor is a network layer designed for online anonymity and resisting censorship. When you access websites through a Tor “bridge”, you will appear to that website to come from a location that is not your real one.
Tor Hidden ServicesSome of the functions of your FreedomBox can be operated as a Tor “hidden service”. This means that these functions can be accessed through a special address, and the location of your FreedomBox remains hidden. VPNYour FreedomBox can be part of a “virtual private network” (VPN). This means that connections to and/or from the FreedomBox can be created “indirectly” through an intermediate party, which can help to circumvent network restrictions.
IndieWebThe IndieWeb is a movement based on a simple, yet powerful idea: That everybody should have an independent home on the web for their content. Even though you are independent, you can still interact with the major social networking services. OwnCloudOwnCloud is a private “cloud” service for storing and sharing files. It is designed to be an alternative to companies such as DropBox. It also includes a set of useful tools, such as a calendar and bookmarks.
MailPileMailPile is a modern e-mail client, meant to be an alternative to services such as Gmail. It makes it easy to encrypt your e-mails, so the servers and companies between you and your friends are unable read the contents of your messages. Unhosted remoteStorageUnhosted is the revolutionary idea that online applications and data should be kept separate from each other. You can use services that run on the web, but they will store your data on your FreedomBox rather than on their own servers.
Semantic WebTim Berners-Lee, the “inventor of the web”, has described the web not just as a collection of pages, but also a global network of data that can be created and consumed in diverse ways. Your FreedomBox is your node in this network of data. XDIXDI is a technology for creating trusted connections between individuals and businesses. Through these connections, you can send messages and share personal data under your own terms, and you can close the connection whenever you want.
GNUnetGNUnet is a project for radical decentralization, an emancipated peer-to-peer network where there is truly no distinction anymore between clients and servers. It allows you to access services that go far beyond the “normal” web. Privoxy/HTTPS EverywhereWhen you surf the web via the FreedomBox, the tools Privoxy and HTTPS Everywhere can help to protect you from tracking mechanisms, and help use encrypted connections to the web when possible.


The FreedomBox is a project to develop a personal server, proposed originally by Eben Moglen. The motivation is to provide an alternative to centralized Internet services such as Facebook, Google, etc. It is a project based on strong political ideas and idealism, and while it has often been misunderstood and criticized for lack of progress and tangible results, it has at the same time also inspired many individuals and communities with interests in free software, decentralized networks, political activism, net neutrality, online human rights, and related topics.

Danube Edition

We are building a limited amount of 100 boxes, called “FreedomBox - Danube Edition”.

The “FreedomBox - Danube Edition” is based on the original FreedomBox stack of free software, i.e. freedom-maker build script, freedombox-setup Debian meta-package, Plinth admin interface. We develop and package a few additional components for the FreedomBox.


The “FreedomBox - Danube Edition” IS NOT a commercial start-up. At this point, the number of boxes is strictly limited, and we are giving them away only at the price it costs us to build them. If you buy one, there will be no ongoing subscription fees.
The “FreedomBox - Danube Edition” IS NOT a guarantee of privacy, security, etc. It is very important to state that while the box contains features designed for a more free, decentralized, private Internet, we CANNOT make any guarantees to that effect. FreedomBox is a community project and UNFINSHED. Think of the “FreedomBox - Danube Edition” as an explorative device and a contribution to the ongoing discourse on Internet freedom and redecentralization. The choice how and in what circumstances you use it is yours alone.



We are presenting the “FreedomBox - Danube Edition” at the following events: