The objective of Project Danube is to assemble a set of open-source software components that can provide cutting-edge services in the field of online identity, personal data, and experimental communication patterns.

We are working closely with several communities to identify needs and provide solutions.

  • Federated Social Web: To give individuals a way to manage their relationships with one another, and to meet their social communication needs in a decentralized way that is not controlled by a single party.
  • Vendor Relationship Management: To give individuals the means to manage their relationships with vendors for the benefit of both sides, and to be in control of one’s own data and relationships.
  • Personal Data Ecosystem: To provide individuals with more privacy and control over their personal data online, and to develop innovative new business models based on this data.
  • FreedomBox: To develop and productize an electronic device that protects privacy and enabled decentralized communication.


It should be possible to use Personal Clouds in the following way:

  • Personal Cloud providers can offer personal data services to their users. Depending on configuration, this can include an option for registering for a new Personal Cloud account. Personal Cloud accounts may also be offered to users that already exist in a legacy database system.
  • Technically experienced end-users may download and install Personal Cloud software for themselves.
  • The components of a Personal Cloud software stack must be modular. Some use cases may require only the core personal data storage service itself. Others may special-purpose protocol endpoints to provide OAuth, OpenID Connect, OStatus, Linked Data, SPARQL, or other services.
  • Developers can build on as well as extend existing components of Personal Cloud implementations.

Interoperability and Data Portability

An ecosystem of Personal Clouds and services is only credible if people are free to choose and move their data between Personal Cloud providers, just as people are free today to choose and move their money between banks. Interoperability must exist on the business, legal, and technical levels, and it must work no matter which code base a provider uses. This can be achieved through the use of open protocols such as XDI, RDF, OStatus, etc.

We support organization such as the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium to support the development of an interoperable ecosystem.


We contribute to the OpenXRI (Apache 2.0 license) and XDI2 (MIT license) open source projects, which are reference implementations for the key technologies XRI and XDI that Project Danube is based on. We also make use of other, third-party software libraries. See Community.

We hold regular calls for discussing the project’s hot organizational and technical topics. We run a Google Group, a Github account and a wiki. See Community.